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Julie Jutten

Julie Jutten, a Colorado native, was raised on a ranch on the Western Slope of the Rocky Mountains, where she learned a strong work ethic. A University of Colorado - Colorado Springs graduate, Julie earned an Organizational Communication Degree with an emphasis in Sports Management. She has worked in the non-profit sector for more than 15-years pursuing an exciting career in marketing, fundraising and event management. Julie has run several nonprofit organizations and led many successful fundraising campaigns. She is the owner of Jutten Marketing and Events LLC and offers a strong background in marketing and promotions, as well as solid event management oversight. Jutten Marketing and Events LLC helps clients with full service Event Planning, Execution and Management, as well as Marketing services for events and businesses

The Team

With access to a team of professionals including designers, content managers, writers, event planners, experienced fundraisers and social media pros, we'll help you get the job done!

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The cactus symbolizes robustness and tenacity in the face of challenges. Its bloom symbolizes unwavering resolve and persistence, flourishing even in the most challenging conditions. The cactus stands as a fundamental element of our business, and our partnership with you will truly mirror this enduring spirit.

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