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Permit Challenge
Mandatory Registration Form


You are allotted one hotel room at South Point. Will you be using this room? 


Check-in: Wednesday, Dec 6; Check-out: Friday, Dec 8. If you qualified for multiple events, you would receive one hotel room. We can not assist with early check-ins or extending stays. You will need to contact South Point Directly.  

Vest Size - what Size would you like your vest to be?  

Timed Event Contestants Only - You are alloted use of one stall at South Point. Will you need a stall? 
Stall Check-in: Wednesday, Dec 6 from 10a-2p and again from 6p-10p. Check-out: Friday, Dec. 8 at 8a. Any horses remaining after this deadline will be removed at owners expense. If you are competing in the World Series Team Roping, you must still remove your horse and check back in with WSTR. 

Pro Tip: If you plan to stay in Vegas following the Permit Challenge, we highly suggest relocating your horse to the new spot following the Permit Challenge, rather than waiting until Friday morning. Please note that the South Point's 8:00 am check-out time is strict, and there's no room for flexibility (AND 8:00 AM IN VEGAS COMES EARLY).

Bio Question 1- Do you attend college and/or work? If so, where do you work? Or what college and are you on the rodeo team? 

Bio Question 2- What rodeo accomplishments are you most proud of? 

Bio Question 3 - Favorite PRCA Rodeo

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